Government Contractor

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Dhaara Builders is the Government approved Commercial Builders in Ludhiana that is working with Ludhiana Improvement Trust, PWD in order to uplift the living standards of the residents of Ludhiana.

Since the past decade, Dhaara Builders has been involved in completing different projects as per the Ludhiana Improvement Trust where the residents have been the key beneficiary. 

As we are the fastest growing Construction company in Ludhiana, we work in delivering robust project management, manufacturing, and operational excellence and well-defined strategies to transform the idea into reality. Our engineers also work in a diligent manner and possess great knowledge of this domain.

Apart from this, as we are Building Constructors in Ludhiana the government-approved contractor, we provide all our construction services with complete safety and high quality. All our work is done with utmost protection and precautions which makes it strong and durable. This is the reason why citizens appreciate our work which overall increases our brand reputation in society.

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