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Dhaara Builders – Factory Construction Company is the leading industrial builder in Ludhiana and all over India who works tirelessly to meet their customer’s demand in terms of building their industries with the best of quality materials.

We have a large pool of project engineers who have the experience to create factories based on technical specifications and industrial requirements. We follow a rigorous and cost-effective process that results in the timely construction of the factories. We make use of the appropriate methods, innovative technology, and the best tools to design and create big, small, and medium-scale industries. This is one of the key reasons why our industrial clients put such a high degree of trust in us.

The industrial sector has played an important role in our growth, as our clients become our assets which generate our revenue. We deal with a wide variety of industrial projects, including complicated production processes, distribution, and cold storage facilities according to our client’s budget, preferences, and time.

We put forward our experience, knowledge, and expertise to deliver you the best output in the industrial sector.  With many specialties, we have completed an array of projects. Dhaara Builders takes immense pride in working in close collaboration with leaders of the industry to ensure the best results.

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